Museum Level

Implies the highest level of detail and a custom-oriented approach. These ultimately lifelike figures provide complete immersion in their eras by virtue of the detailed face features bearing a striking resemblance to historical persons and a complex landscape. We can create bushes and trees, walls and buildings, ponds and streams complementing a figure. Custom-made weapons can be provided. These figures can become the centerpieces of your collection which you can boast. Assembling and painting takes up to 60 working days from the date of payment.

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Samurai Kamakura Gongorō Kagemasa, the hero of the kabuki play Shibaraku

Samurai Kamakura Gongorō Kagemasa, the hero ...

Samurai Kamakura Gongorō Kagemasa, the hero of the Kabuki theatre play Shibaraku.

The historical Kamakura Kagemasa is famous for his bravery for having continued to fight for the Minamoto clan after losing an eye in battle in the Gosannen W ar (1083–1087). In the play, when the evil lord has ordered his retainers to kill the imperial prisoners who will not obey his will, Kamakura Gongoro, who is capable of superhuman strength, appears with the shout “Shibaraku” (Wait a Moment!) and saves their lives.

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