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Samurai Kamakura Gongorō Kagemasa, the hero of the kabuki play Shibaraku

Samurai Kamakura Gongorō Kagemasa, the hero ...

Samurai Kamakura Gongorō Kagemasa, the hero of the Kabuki theatre play Shibaraku.

The historical Kamakura Kagemasa is famous for his bravery for having continued to fight for the Minamoto clan after losing an eye in battle in the Gosannen W ar (1083–1087). In the play, when the evil lord has ordered his retainers to kill the imperial prisoners who will not obey his will, Kamakura Gongoro, who is capable of superhuman strength, appears with the shout “Shibaraku” (Wait a Moment!) and saves their lives.


Onna-bugeisha after the battle

A young woman of the samurai class, the begi...

Her husband's body was barely cold when she decided to avenge his death. On that day, she put on her best black satin kosode kimono richly embroidered with miniature floral patterns. Carrying the husband's swords stuck in her wide obi belt, she fearlessly came to the enemy's house. The cold steel was longing for a revenge. The big and heavy katana filled her movements with power and did its work. She was kneeling by the ashes of the ended war flying before her eyes, while the sakura tree was dropping the petals behind, like tears.

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