About Us

ATTICA MINIATURES is a painting studio, founded in 2016 to provide admirers of historical, fantasy and wargaming miniatures around the world with an opportunity to enlarge their collections with one-of-a-kind hand painted figures. ATTICA MINIATURES has grown up into a studio employing 27 artists working in different styles.

Our Service

We paint historical and fantasy miniatures of various kinds and scales. Not all of the existing figures are represented in our store. Just give us some information about the miniature which you want to get painted and we will provide a price quote within 24 hours.

We provide a full miniature production cycle from creation to a scratch to casting and painting. We can create a custom-made figure, if you are looking forward to a unique piece of art.

We offer three painting levels for the historical and fantasy miniatures: Collectible, Art and Museum. Most of figures can be implemented in two of the three painting levels, and usually there is an opportunity to select another level to lower the price.

We paint authentic miniatures only and don't deal with low-quality illegally recasted figures. When you purchase a miniature from us, we order a model kit directly from the manufacturer or official retailer.

You can read the reviews for our painting services in our eBay store.


We accept PayPal payments. PayPal payments system guarantees the safety of your financial information and the proper execution of the order. Check out securely as you don't have to enter card numbers or financial information on our website to make a payment.


We offer free worldwide delivery with a tracking code (airmail, 7-21 days from the day of painting completion) or paid express delivery by courier (3-7 days from the day of painting completion). The delivery time depends on the work of customs. We will contact you right after the parcel is shipped to provide you with a tracking code.


We are proud we have managed to reduce the number of figures damaged during shipment to zero. We guarantee that you will get the figure/ s undamaged, otherwise we will replace it/ them. We do our best to prepare a safe package as well as take all the delivery-related risks. In case of any losses or damages during delivery, please contact us.

Learn more about our painting quality levels:

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    Implies well-detailed clothes, shields and armor, as well as neatly painted faces and simple patterns. Small bases are painted and decorated with a touch of artificial grass or rocks. Wooden stands can be added upon request at an additional cost. Collectible quality is the best choice for big armies or dioramas. Assembling and painting takes up to 20 working days from the date of payment.

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    Provides a richer variety of colors, implies textures and weathering of cloth, leather and armor, depicts emotional faces reflecting age and ethnicity, as well as the more exquisite patterns. We can create any weather conditions and landscape elements on a wooden stand at no additional cost. These realistic and spectacular figures can take centre stage in your collection. Assembling and painting takes up to 30 working days from the date of payment.

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    Implies the highest level of detail and a custom-oriented approach. These ultimately lifelike figures provide complete immersion in their eras by virtue of the detailed face features bearing a striking resemblance to historical persons and a complex landscape. We can create bushes and trees, walls and buildings, ponds and streams complementing a figure. Custom-made weapons can be provided. These figures can become the centerpieces of your collection which you can boast. Assembling and painting takes up to 60 working days from the date of payment.

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