About us

ATTICA MINIATURES embodies the spirit of landmark epic poems handcrafted by the gifted artists aspiring to the true historical accuracy. Let your journey over centuries, eras and adventures begin!

ATTICA MINIATURES is a painting studio based in St. Petersburg, Russia, founded in 2016 by Ivan & Tatiana Novik to provide admirers of historical and fantasy miniatures around the world with an opportunity to enlarge their collections with one-of-a-kind hand painted figures.

Starting off as a eBay store reselling unpainted models of Russian manufacturers, ATTICA MINIATURES has promptly grown up into a studio employing 20 artists working in different styles.

We provide a full miniature production cycle from a scratch to casting and painting when it comes to custom orders as well as offer painting services for the original models of Russian and European studios (Andrea, Beneito, Romeo, Alexandros, Pegaso, etc.).

What sets us apart?

  • Custom-tailored approach. We are glad to implement your ideas regarding colors, scenery, coat of arms, weapon and bases of miniatures implemented in art or museum quality at no extra charge.

  • High-quality implementation. We offer different levels of painting and even the low-priced miniatures are history-based and implemented according to our high standards. You don’t need to seek for artists, trying to evaluate their level of excellence, and compare prices. The choice of price range is up to you, and we are to manage and fulfill all the rest.

  • Support true art. We respect work of sculptors and manufactures, therefore we don’t paint the illegally recasted figures. When you purchase a miniature from us, we order a model kit directly from its manufacturer or official retailer. Each model goes through a long cycle including concept creation, sculpting, molding, casting, packaging and marketing, and each step requires investment. Only when you buy original miniatures, you can be sure that you don’t support illegal schemes.

  • Solely responsibility of miniatures delivery safe & sound. As we believe that any damages or losses during delivery shouldn’t be our customers’ problems, we do our best to prepare a reliable package as well as take the delivery-related risks regardless of the amount of purchase.

  • Gratitude for loyalty. We highly appreciate long-term relationship and give personal benefits to our regular customers, which include discounts, installment payment and gifts.


We provide authentic miniatures only and do not support unauthorized copying of them. The cost of miniatures listed in our shop includes painting services. Each miniature can be performed in a museum, art or collectible painting quality. Manufacturing and painting of miniatures take 10-60 days from the date of payment.


You can pay for your order via PayPal payments system which guarantees the safety of your financial information and the proper execution of the order.


We ship painted tin and resin miniatures worldwide by airmail postal service (7-21 days). The delivery time depends on the work of customs. If you don`t receive your order within 60 days as from the day of sending, we will resend the shipment or refund your money. The delivery fee is $14.99. We provide a free delivery on orders over $500.

Learn more about our painting quality grades:

  • img-2

    Well traced detailing of the major apparel pieces such as shields, armor, etc. Painted base. Manufacturing and painting of these miniatures take from 10 to 25 days from the date of payment.

  • img-1

    High level detailing of the smallest apparel pieces and face features. Genuine steel weapon. Base with the natural floral elements – grass, moss and wood. Manufacturing and painting of these miniatures take from 15 to 30 days from the date of payment.

  • img-2

    True realism, the highest level detailing, well-established historical apparel. Customized painting service approach. Genuine steel weapon. Wooden base with the natural floral elements – grass, moss and wood. Manufacturing and painting of these miniatures take from 35 to 60 days from the date of payment.

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