Product code: AP007

Roman legion 1-2 century A.D.,Set of 5 figures

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  • Painted by: Labrys Miniatures
  • Painting level: Souvenir
  • Size: 54mm
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Material: White metal
  • Manufacturer of miniature: EK Castings
  • Product Code: AP007
Buy the miniatures in the set and save up to 30%. Each miniature is also available to buy separately: Roman Centurion, I Century Roman Vexillarius, I Century Roman Legionary, I Century Roman Signifer, I-II Century Roman Imaginifer, I-II Century

Buy the miniatures in the set and save up to 30%.

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Manufacturer: Labrys Miniatures
Добавил: Monday, 11.04.2022