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Saving the Queen's Colours Custom Made Vignette

Scale: 1/32 (54mm).
Made of white metal.
Sculpted by Pavel Rodygin.
Painted by Andrey Zelinskiy
Manufacturer: Attica Miniatures

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New custom-made vignette created by Attica Miniatures: Saving the Queen's Colours (painting by Alphonse de Neuville).

At the battle of Isandlwana on 22nd January 1879, a Zulu army of about 20,000 warriors inflicted a massive defeat on a much smaller British force, mainly comprised of men from the 24th Regiment of Foot. Toward the end of the battle, two British lieutenants, Nevill Coghill and Teignmouth Melvill, were killed attempting to defend the Queen’s Colour of the 1st Battalion. They were caught by the Zulus as they attempted to carry the Colour across the Buffalo River. Despite their brave efforts they were eventually overwhelmed.

The capture or loss of the Colour in battle indicated the dispersal of the regiment and had at all costs to be avoided. This led to many dangerous situations, and many soldiers died in defence of their Colour. Melvill and Coghill were the last British soldiers to give their lives for a British Colour. As a result of their deaths, Queen Victoria forbade the carrying of the Colour into battle. When the Colour was found and returned to England, Queen Victoria crowned it with a wreath of dried flowers (known as a “Wreath of Immortelles”). She later granted that a silver wreath was to be permanently attached to the pike of the Queen’s Colour.

The miniatures of Lieutenant Melvill and Zulu warrior created from scratch and produced by Attica Miniatures are available for sale painted on order.