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Charles XII of Sweden Custom Made Figure

Scale: 1/20 (90mm).
Made of white metal.
Sculpted by Pavel Rodygin.
Painted by Vladimir Golubev.
Manufacturer: Attica Miniatures
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Charles XII ascended the Swedish throne at the age of 15 in 1697. He left Stockholm as a 17-year-old boy at the outbreak of the Great Northern War on April 13, 1700, and was never able to see the city again. Charles XII led numerous military campaigns to make Sweden the dominant power in Northern Europe. The young king never managed to end the Great Northern War. As a result of his injury in 1718, he became the last monarch of Europe to fall on the battlefield. According to his contemporaries, Charles XII neglected wigs, wore a blue officer's uniform with copper buttons, a simple black neckerchief and a large cloak, which covered him in campaigns.

The custom-made figure of Charles XII created by Attica Miniatures was inspired by the monument to the king pointing towards Russia.