Custom-designed miniatures

Collectible figures created by ATTICA MINIATURES embody the heroic epos by virtue of the gifted artists’ craftsmanship.

Unlike mass production of the painted toy soldiers, we specialize on one-of-a-kind pieces. We can implement any ideas regarding landscape, colors, weapons or coat of arms.

We can create scenes from life of heroes and indigenous people, battles which altered the course of history depicted in miniature vignettes.

Do you need a miniature which doesn`t exist? We provide a full miniature production cycle from creation from scratch to casting and painting. We can create a custom-made figure, if you are looking forward to a unique piece of art.


How did Attica Miniatures get started?


One of my first childhood memories is me playing my toy soldiers and talking to my father. It’s quite a common situation for a four-year-old boy. Almost all boys love to play mock battles at this a ... Learn more »

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Swiss Mercenaries


We have assembled 75mm Tartar Miniatures figures and created a diorama of museum quality. Diorama is implemented with object sourc ... Learn more »

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Jerabek Knight


Our customer from USA decided to pay respect to his ancestors and asked us to paint a miniature embodying the spirit of his noble family.

We have selected a knight miniature manufactured by ... Learn more »

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