Middle Ages

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Jean II Le Maingre

Jean II Le Maingre at Battle of Agincourt, H...

Luis de Bourbon Preaux

Luis de Bourbon Preaux at Battle of Agincour...

Henry V of England

Henry V of England at Battle of Agincourt, H...

Henry V (16 September 1386 – 31 August 1422), also called Henry of Monmouth, was King of England from 1413 until his early death in 1422. He was the second English monarch of the House of Lancaster. Despite his relatively short reign, Henry's outstanding military successes in the Hundre d Years' War against France, most notably in his famous victory at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, made England one of the strongest military powers in Europe. Immortalised in the plays of Shakespeare, Henry is known and celebrated as one of the great warrior kings of medieval England.


Richard de Vere, 11th Earl of Oxford

Richard de Vere at Battle of Agincourt, Hund...

Richard de Vere, 11th Earl of Oxford KG (15 August 1385 – 15 February 1417) was the son and heir of Aubrey de Vere, 10th Earl of Oxford. He took part in the trial of Richard, Earl of Cambridge and Lord Scrope for their part in the Southampton Plot, and was one of the commanders at Agincourt in 1415.


Teutonic Knight, Prussia

Helfen — Wehren — Heilen

Condottiere, 1460-1470

Italian mercenary
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