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Napoleon Bonaparte abdicated

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  • Painted by: Attica Miniatures
  • Manufacturer of miniature: Andrea Miniatures
  • Scale: 90 mm
  • Material: White metal
  • Quality of painting: Museum
  • Product Code: MU010
  • Shipping Weight: 600.00
Special Offer. Buy Napoleon Bonaparte 90 mm figure at 25% off. Free delivery. The offer expires May 20, 2018. Napoleon abdicated in Fontainebleau, 4 April 1814.

Miniature is based on the brushwork of Paul Delaroche. 

On 4 April 1814 Napoleon signed his abdication in the Palace of Fontainebleau, residence of French monarchs, in favour of his son. 

Napoleon Bonaparte abdicated

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Manufacturer: Attica Miniatures
Shipping Weight: 600.00
Добавил: Tuesday, 15.05.2018