Museum quality

Tin and resin historical or fantasy miniatures implemented in museum painting quality. True realism, the highest level detailing, well-established historical apparel. Customized painting service approach. Genuine steel weapon. Wooden base with the natural floral elements – grass, moss and wood. Manufacturing and painting take from 35 to 60 days.

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Mongolian Horseman, XIII Century

Mongol invasion of Europe

Sir Winston Churchill

Prime Minister

Persian scythed chariot at the Battle of Gaugamela

Scythed chariot was a war chariot with scyth...

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

Holy Roman Emperor, King of the Romans, King...

Russian Christian Monk Alexander Peresvet, Battle of Kulikovo, version № 2

Russian Orthodox Christian monk who fought i...

Arab soldier on a camel, Arab Legion

Arab Legion was the regular army of Transjor...

Colonel Andre Burthe of 4th Regiment of Hussars

Commander of the Order of the Legion of Hono...
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