Collectible quality

Tin historical and fantasy miniatures implemented in collectible painting quality. Well traced detailing of the major apparel pieces such as shields, armor, etc. Painted base. Manufacturing and painting take from 10 to 25 days.

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Jaguar Aztec Warrior

Native American

Russian Infantry battalion gun

Manufacturing and painting will take 30 days

Infantry square of 8th Moscow Grenadier Regiment

Manufacturing and painting will take 30 days

Russian Infantry support gun with Artillery crew

Manufacturing and painting will take 30 days

Macedonian phalanx, Army of Alexander the Great

32 Macedonian Hoplites and Trumpeter

Persian scythed Chariot

Heavy Cavalry

Here is one recorded encounter where scythed chariots were on the winning side:

    The soldiers had got into the habit of collecting their supplies carelessly and without taking precautions. There was one occasion when Pharnabazus, with 2 scythed chariots and about 400 cav alry, came on them when they were scattered all over the plain. When the Greeks saw him bearing down on them, they ran to join up with each other, about 700 altogether; but Pharnabazus did not waste time. Putting the chariots in front, and following behind them himself with the cavalry, he ordered a charge. The chariots dashing into the Greek ranks, broke up their close formation, and the cavalry soon cut down about a hundred men. The rest fled and took refuge with Agesilaus, who happened to be close at hand with the hoplites.


Celtic Chariot

Gallic Wars

76 mm divisional gun with artillery crew of the Russian Empire, 1914

The M1902 gun was the mainstay of Russian Em...

The M1902 gun was the mainstay of Russian Empire artillery; as such it was extensively used in World War I and the Russian Civil War and remained in service in former parts of the Russian Empire (Soviet Union, Poland, Finland). It was also adopted by some other countries (Romania, Turkey). By 192 8, the M1902 formed the bulk of the Red Army's 2,500 artillery pieces.

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